Autoguard Warranty

Premium Cover

All vehicles come supplied with 6 months Platinum warranty and 6 months AXA breakdown which include Home-start, Relay and Relay pluse. The breakdown of parts covered in the AutoGuard Platinum Warranty is referenced below, click the image to enlarge it for easier viewing.

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Combined Gap Insurance

What is it?

Imagine your vehicle is declared a write-off by your insurer due to an accident, flood, fire or theft. Now imagine discovering that your insurance company settlement will not match the original price you paid for your vehicle.

This is a scenario faced by motorists every day. Even if you are not liable, you are almost certain to find a shortfall between the amount you receive in settlement and the price you originally paid. This shortfall could be a significant sum depending on the rate of depreciation of your vehicle.

Who will protect you against this financial loss?

For peace of mind and for the protection your vehicle needs, consider cover combination GAP insurance could offer.

How Combination GAP Insurance Works

GAP Insurance pays the difference between the Insured Value and either the purchase price of the insured Vehicle as confirmed by the Net Invoice Selling Price or the amount of Your Early Settlement Figure, whichever is the greater.

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